"Switchee Wants to Improve the Lives of People Living in Rented Accommodation"

It’s Been Quite a Ride.

Our first product, the internet connected Switchee thermostat is already in 100 of the biggest housing providers in the UK. We’re growing 100% year on year and are backed by some of the best-known investors in technology and social impact. Our next project is to build the ultimate connected hub for the affordable home. It’s going to revolutionise the way residents interact with their properties and how landlords manage their homes.


About Our Mission

We believe that radical innovation in internet connected technology can ensure that every resident, every day, is living in a home that allows them to succeed. That’s why our products are built not just on great technology, but on an understanding of what people want from the space they live in.

This approach led us to reimagine the most mundane household object, a thermostat, into a product that automagically reduces energy bills, looks great and offers control to those who want it.

We are also revolutionising the way social landlords manage their housing stock with an obsessively tailored SAAS property dashboard and handy alerts on things like when the boiler is going to break.


Our Core Values

We Are Trusted

We are self-motivated and dependable. We are trusted to manage our own schedule and priorities. We can chose to work from home but are sensitive to team dynamics and being present for others. Our team mates trust us to give them direct and honest feedback. Our customers and users trust us to use their data for good.

We Are Nimble

We build and test things with customers early, we learn quickly and we iterate fast. We accept that it’s normal for things to go wrong but we work hard to correct issues we encounter. We are natural optimists and believe it is always possible to succeed.

We Are Self-Aware

We have a strong desire to learn and continuously improve –we seek out feedback from others and use it to develop ourselves positively. We are open and show and share personal weakness in order to overcome it. We don’t take ourselves too seriously!

We Are Compassionate

We are focused on achieving our social mission. We have a genuine care for our users and we are quick to spot when team mates need help. In moments of difficulty we remain calm and collected, allowing us to find the best solution: we don’t let our judgement be clouded by personal anger, stress or worry.

We Are Truth Seeking

We always look through blockers and challenges to get to the fundamental issues and truths of a situation. We are not afraid to challenge authority. We may have strong opinions, but we hold them lightly and listen to others. We pride ourselves in our ability to sensitively and directly speak the truth to each other and our customers. Wherever we are or whomever we are talking to we are clear: the best idea always wins.

Switchee's Advisors

Ian Nolan

Ian Nolan

Non-Executive Director

Alex Pitt

Alex Pitt

Non-Executive Director


Russ Macmillan

Founder & Non-Executive Director

Pilgrim Bart

Pilgrim Beart


Vinnett Taylor

Vinnett Taylor


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