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Residents: If you require assistance with the Switchee device in your home, please contact our resident support team.

Installers: If you need assistance with the installation of a Switchee device or would like to enquire about registering your interest to join the Switchee Trusted Installer Network, please contact our installer support team.

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General enquiries

Tel: 0800 133 7957 | Email: [email protected]



Email: [email protected]

Resident support

Tel: 0800 133 7957 (Option 1) | Email: [email protected]


Installer support

Tel: 0800 133 7957 (Option 2) | Email: [email protected]


Press/Marketing enquiries

Email: [email protected]


Our offices


Switchee Ltd, Sandbox London Bridge, Red Lion Court, 46-48 Park Street, London, England, SE1 9EQ



Switchee NL B.V. Zekeringstraat 17-A, 1014 BM, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Switchee improves the quality of life for people living in rented homes.
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