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Switchee is a modern smart thermostat.

Switchee is a smart, connected thermostat for your heating and hot water which doesn’t rely on being connected to your Wi-Fi network to function. Switchee helps you optimise energy use, lowering bills and reducing energy consumption – making it good for you and the environment.

Built to be simple to understand and operate.

Switchee is a simple, easy-to-use device that gives you greater control – so you can set your heating/hot water to suit your individual needs. You can control your heating and hot water and set schedules to run via the touch screen, or alternatively via the free Switchee resident mobile app.

The Switchee smart thermostat can be used as a communication device between you and your housing provider. If you receive a message the screen will light up to prompt you and you can reply at the touch of a button.

Switchee Resident mobile app

Smart, affordable heating, you control.

Switchee’s award winning smart thermostat offers an enhanced user experience with our Switchee resident mobile app - giving you, the resident, the ability to control your heating and hot water from whenever and wherever you are.

Resident feedback.

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