Identify And Understand Resident Fuel Poverty

Identify properties in your portfolio that might be suffering from fuel poverty, and find the root of the problem quickly, so you can deploy a solution that works for you and your residents

Fuel Poverty

Under-heating Detection

Detect Properties Being Chronically Under-heated

Detect properties in your portfolio with Switchee’s in-built sensors that are being chronically under-heated and get alerted to their status. Intervene before the problem escalates to health problems.

Directly Manage Fuel Poverty

Monitor and Intervene on Fuel poverty


Underheated Property

Current Average Temperature: 17°

Underheated Property

Current Average Temperature: 18°

Underheated Property

Current Average Temperature: 12°

Fuel Poverty

Finding the Cause

Sensor Data Tells you the Root Cause of the Property’s Issue

Identify the root of the underheating problem and then fix it. We give you the tools to identify and fix the problem – without intrusive building fabric surveys.

Fuel Poverty

Our Customers

“We’ve also shown, with real data, that the main issue with CDM in one property was under-heating and we have improved the living conditions for the resident.”

Emma Riccardo,
Project Liaison Officer

Nottingham City Homes

We provide industry-leading support

We provide front-line telephone support for residents with our products installed, as well as personal client support through an account manager and our customer success team.