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The Switchee Trusted Installer Network (STIN)

We understand the challenges involved in planning and executing installation projects. Limited time and resources often hinder the progress of crucial projects, making the process complex and overwhelming for both landlords and residents. In response to this industry-wide need for streamlined installation services, we developed the Switchee Trusted Installer Network.

The Switchee Trusted Installer Network (STIN) is designed to oversee the entire installation process of Switchee devices from start to finish. We understand that finding the right installers who can deliver the highest standards of quality, adhere to tight schedules, and stay within budget can be a daunting task. With our network of trusted professionals, we aim to alleviate this burden and provide a seamless installation experience for our customers.
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Key features of the Switchee Trusted Installer Network

The Switchee Trusted Installer Network (STIN) offers nationwide coverage of 100% of the UK (Mainland and NI), ensuring we can connect you with a skilled installer in your area. All installers in our network are industry-certified by recognised bodies like NICEIC and Trustmark, ensuring high standards of competence and compliance.

Comprehensive end-to-end management means we take care of every aspect of the Switchee installation process, from initial planning to final implementation. Switchee-trained installers ensure efficient and accurate installations, maximising the benefits of our smart-home solutions.

Access the Switchee Trusted Installer Network

For more information about how the Switchee Trusted Installer Network is available for your Switchee device rollout project, contact our sales team today.

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To learn more about becoming a Trusted Installer and joining a network of Switchee-trained professionals, register your interest with our team today.

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