Installer Support

Switchee has been designed to ensure installation is as simple as possible. However, we also understand that every home is different and we are dedicated to ensuring that installers have all of the support they need.


Installation Instructions

We’ve compiled a document with every piece of information you should need when installing a Switchee device inside of a home.

– Choosing a location for the Switchee Unit

– Replacing an existing wired thermostat

– Install the Boiler Receiver Unit

– Install the Switchee unit

– Installing Switchee in a new location

– Install the Boiler Receiver Unit

– Install the Switchee unit

– Set Up the Switchee Unit


– Adding/fixing external Z-Wave sensors (if supplied)

– Final Inspection and Checks

– Technical Information


Wiring Diagrams

If you are looking for a detailed wiring diagram to help with installation of the Switchee, you can download that below.


Installer App

If you are looking for information about the Installer app, or its many functions, you can find that in the document below.


Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re visiting a property to troubleshoot a heating system with a Switchee installed, please download this guide below to assist you with finding a solution to the most common situations you can experience.

Still struggling with installation? Contact our team for more help.