Identify And Prevent Mould Before It Starts

With Switchee properties are now capable of independently monitoring for condensation, damp and mould conditions and alerting landlords to its potential presence.


Remote Mould Detection

Remote Sensor Technology Detects Mould Conditions

With our humidity, temperature and air pressure sensors we are capable of remotely detecting the conditions condensation, damp and mould thrive in and alerting you to the danger.

Sensor Data

Data-Based Risk Analysis

Relative Humidity
External Humidity
Mould Risk

Remote Warnings

Digital Warnings Trigger to Alert You of a Change in Mould Likelihood

With our alerts and insights, you will be able to identify what is likely the cause of this problem and then work to fix it. Whether that is additional ventilation, resident education or replacement insulation.


Our Customers

“The Switchee trial enabled Peabody to identify and target properties requiring maintenance, leading to 40 interventions and saving Peabody £1000s in long-term remedial costs.”
Nic Wedlake, Group Sustainability Manager

We provide industry-leading support

We provide front-line telephone support for residents with our products installed, as well as personal client support through an account manager and our customer success team.