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As part of our commitment to sustainability, Switchee Ltd will accept the return of any of the following products for disassembly, recycling and / or reprocessing;

  • Switchee Gen2 Thermostat and ancillary parts – 4 variants (Wireless Non Z-wave, Wireless Z-wave, Wired Non Z-Wave, Wired Z-wave)
  • Switchee Econa Thermostat and ancillary parts
  • Third Party Sensors sold by Switchee;
  • CO2, Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Energy Meters

As part of our returns process, Switchee Ltd where possible endeavour to;

  • Reuse returned items.
  • Reclaim items from returned material if reuse is not a viable option.
  • Recycle any outstanding items if reclamation is not a viable option.
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