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Langstane Housing Association, Switchee and Union Technical partnership

January 16, 2024

Langstane Housing Association teams up with Switchee and Union Technical to provide innovative solution for insulating hard-to-treat granite properties.

16 January 2024: Langstane Housing Association proudly announces its partnership with data and insights company, Switchee, and Union Technical to deliver a cutting-edge solution for insulating its challenging granite properties. This collaborative initiative is made possible through a fully funded ECO4 grant by Scottish Gas and is in line with Langstane's commitment to energy efficiency.

Langstane Housing Association, with a portfolio of approximately 2,800 properties, has recognised the need to enhance property performance, specifically in terms of heat retention and addressing the risk of damp and mould. Through internal wall insulation and the utilisation of a new Switchee smart thermostat, Langstane's tenants can expect improved thermal conditions in their homes. As an added benefit, tenants will also receive a decoration/disturbance allowance of £600 for one-bedroom properties and £800 for two-bedroom properties during the retrofitting process.

The Switchee dashboard, which plays a pivotal role in this project’s success, flags properties that are consistently below 18 degrees Celsius and therefore at a higher risk of damp and mould.

Helen Gauld, Chief Executive of Langstane Housing Association, recognising the potential of the partnership, stated, "Our collaboration with Switchee and Union Technical offers immense possibilities. The ability to integrate data into our housing management system will empower us to take proactive steps that have the capacity to significantly improve the lives of our tenants."

She further adds, "We understand it is uncommon to receive benefits from funded schemes when gas heating is already present in a property. This makes our project particularly unique."

Asset Manager, Claire McEleny emphasised “This partnership equips Langstane with the tools to efficiently manage our housing stock by identifying potential issues earlier. By analysing data, we can promptly identify residents at risk of fuel poverty. These early interventions enable us to provide necessary support and prevent long-term debt problems and rent arrears. Additionally, the planned works will incorporate mechanical ventilation installation, where necessary, to meet PAS2035 standards."     

Tom Robins, CEO at Switchee “We’re delighted to be working alongside Langstane and Union Technical on this project to improve the quality of lives for people living in these homes and provide Langstane with deeper insights into the health of these properties.”

Jayne Elliott, Account Manager adds “this is an exciting project, which addresses a particular archetype (solid granite) and being able to provide digital communications for each home within the same single device will bring added benefits for Langstane Housing Association and its residents.”

Owen Coyle, Director at Union Technical, said: “We’re proud to be working alongside our partners Switchee and Langstane Housing Association to deliver this pioneering project. Our work will play an important role in helping to reduce fuel poverty in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray and we look forward to working with the teams to provide sustainable, long-term energy efficiency solutions.”

Once the project is completed, Switchee smart thermostats will be installed to measure the impact of improvements and real-time property conditions.. This data will facilitate proactive home management, particularly for properties experiencing condensation or dampness issues.

Langstane Housing Association, Union Technical and Switchee look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on improving energy efficiency, tenant comfort, and overall property performance.

To learn more about how Switchee is helping housing associations and local authorities manage their properties, communicate with their residents and remotely protect their assets, contact our team today.

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