Unique partnership helps Basildon Council optimise energy use in housing stock

May 6, 2023

Switchee, in partnership with Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS*), is helping Basildon Council improve the energy efficiency of its housing stock, pre-empt disrepair issues and help drive down energy costs for tenants. 

The Council is on target to install 2,000 Switchee smart thermostat devices that will integrate with MSPS’  innovative home health software platform Goldeni. Basildon already has 400 Switchee’s installed, which has saved them £169,000 in preventative repair costs; if extrapolated across its 10,000 properties, this would be £1.9m gross savings per year. 

By integrating Switchee with Goldeni, MSPS will be able to access data through Switchee’s open API. Using the Switchee devices MSPS will get real-time insight into the performance of Basildon’s housing stock where the units are deployed, across a range of areas, including energy efficiency,  boiler performance, condensation, damp and mould issues, risk analysis and fuel poverty. The data will enable MSPS to identify which properties need attention or tenants who may need support. 

Furthermore, with a Switchee installed, residents can optimise energy use, lowering heating bills by up to 17% and reduce energy consumption – future-proofing their homes and driving towards Net Zero.  

Phil Copperwheat, Information Systems Director of Morgan Sindall Property Services, said:  “Switchee is a significant analysis and reporting enhancement to goldeni, enabling us to help Basildon Borough Council scale up quickly and cost-effectively to help create more energy-efficient homes for tenants. 

“If we can help tenants heat their homes more effectively, we can help drive down their energy bills, which is particularly key with the current cost of living crisis.  More efficiently heated homes will also help prevent issues such as damp and mould.”

Switchee also has a unique messaging feature that offers a direct communications channel between MSPS and Basildon’s tenants.  Contact via Switchee with existing users has had a  92% response rate –  79% within 24 hours –  communications that have included important mould and boiler surveys.  The rapid response rate from such a high number of tenants saved the Council £9,000 when compared to sending letters.   

Councillor Andrew Schrader, Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal, said: “There are so many benefits to the Switchee technology that make it a really brilliant addition to our housing stock. It will save the council money, it will save our tenants money, and it will ensure we can best support them to live in a home that they can feel safe, comfortable, and happy in.”

Tom Robins, CEO at Switchee, adds: “This three-way partnership is a first in the sector and shows how converging two innovative digital housing solutions can drive immense added value to all stakeholders effecting real and positive change for tenants, housing stock management companies and housing providers.”

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