Proactively managing your homes with Switchee.

We understand that driving business efficiencies while proving a return on investment is your number one priority. We’re here to help.
Why Switchee?

Retrofit validation.

With Switchee's real-time data and insights, you can track retrofit solution performance from its initial impact throughout its lifetime. This gives you real-world data to prove the efficiency of your measures. Identify potential retrofit properties as well as the long-term savings.
Switchee gives you the in-depth performance data of retrofit solutions to track performance short-term or long-term and help save your business from poor quality rollouts.
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Switchee for Finance teams.

Allocate the budget where it matters

A proven return-on-investment by driving business efficiencies, Switchee reduces operating costs by up to £188 per property per annum.
Validating property retrofit measures and supporting ESG scores, Switchee data holds the key to unlocking future funding and finance.

Improve the quality of life for residents

Send secure messages, surveys, and energy advice directly to residents via Switchee’s in-home display.
With a typical response rate of 88% within 24 hours, replies are routed into Switchee’s dashboard, providing a safe and cost-effective two-way resident communications platform.

Innovation in the social housing sector

Switchee is the first platform of internet-connected devices in social housing, receiving over 16 billion data points per year, giving real-time actionable insights into property performance.
We believe that radical innovation in Internet of Things (IoT) can improve the quality of life for people living in rented homes.

Partner for success

Switchee’s dedicated Customer Success Managers are an extension of the social landlords' team, working together to ensure seamless integration of Switchee data into day-to-day operations.
Industry experts, our team helps social landlords to interpret the data so the deployment of limited resources and budget can be prioritised.

What our customers say.

The benefits of Switchee.

We are here to help
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Switchee improves the quality of life for people living in rented homes.
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